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T10 Cricket Series 2017

T10 Cricket Series 2017

T10 Cricket Series 2017 here. T10 Cricket Series between teams of Pakistan India and srilanka 2017 schedule has been announced.

T10 Cricket Series 2017
T10 Cricket Series 2017
The six teams have been divided into two groups of three apiece, with Group A consisting of Bengal Tigers, Kerala Kings and Punjabi Legends while Group B having Maratha Arabians, Pakhtoon and Team Sri Lankan Cricket.

Matches will typically take 90 minutes to finish, which is half the length of a T20 these days and exactly the length of a football game. This means, that across the four days of the competition, teams will be able to play five games a day with much ease.

Each side will play two games in the group stage of the tournament to get themselves ranked before the second round will see the top team from Group A face the third-placed Group B side, second-ranked teams from Group A and B face off and then the third-placed Group A team take on the top Group B side.

At the end of this, the teams placed fifth and sixth will face off for wooden spoon while the knock-outs will consist of two semi-finals and the final between the top four sides.


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