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LUX Style Awards 12 Annual Nominations

LUX Style Awards 12 Annual Nominations

LUX Style Awards 12 Annual Nominations has been announced. The LUX Style Awards 12 Annual Awar ceremony to be held soon. The LUX Style Awards Ceremony will be live in various channels in Pakistan.

Lux Award is helding from past several years this time its number 12th in award serial number list. Annual LUX Style Awards have LUX Style Awards 12 Annual Nominationsannounced nominations in 22 categories in the field of television, music and fashion in Karachi, following an intense debate to narrow down each category to five nominations.LUX Style Awards 12 Annual leads in Best Actress Best actor Best Drama serial Best script in Award.

LUX Style Awards are known for excellence in the field of Entertainment and Fashion in Pakistan and are held annually. This year, the eight TV nominations are divided into satellite and terrestrial for the Best Serial, Best Actor/Actresses categories. The final winner for each of these categories has been decided by Viewer’s Choice votes while Nominees for Best Director and Writer Awards will be decided via Jury Votes and the competition in all TV categories is expected to be intense. There are nine Fashion Categories which include Emerging Talent, styling, photography and others.


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